We published the volume 31 of Kumamoto Journal of Mathematics on March 2018 online-only.

About this Journal

Kumamoto Journal of Mathematics is initiated 1988 as the continuation of KUMAMOTO JOURNAL OF SCIENCE (MATHEMATICS) and has been an online-only journal since April 2016. The Journal accepts articles of all branches of mathematics and provides an occasion of exchange of ideas.
[ ISSN 0914-675X ]

For Authors

The paper submitted for publication should be double-spaced, and sent either on a disk, or via electronic mail to the address indicated below.
The file will need to be in a TeX/LaTeX /AMS-TeX file (LaTeXe preferred).
The author should indicate which versions of TeX and what operating system has been used to create the diskette.
All figure files and any macro files used in the paper should be included.
The first page should contain a short descriptive title, the name(s) of the author(s) followed by an abstract, not exceeding 200 words, which can be read independently of the paper.
The AMS Mathematics Subject Classification Number for the primary and secondary subjects of the article together with several key words should appear at the bottom of the first page.
The institutional affiliation and complete address (including e-mail if possible) of each author should be placed at the bottom of the last page.


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