Kumamoto University
[ Graduate School of Science and Technology]


Marchantia polymorpha

CLE signaling pathway in Marchantia

We identified one CLE and WOX gene in Marchantia. We are now studying over-expression and knock down transgenic Marchantia.

Overexpression suppression system in Marchantia

One of the most interesting feature of Marchantia is the excellent transformation production rate. We can easily isolate thousands of transformant only in one plastic plate. By using this nature, we are developing a OX-suppression system in Marchantia. In this system, full length cDNA library is transformed into one mutants. We can easily isolate many suppression mutants, which include full length cDNA of causal gene or downstream genes. So, in order to isolate signaling factors, this system would be a powerful tool not only to isolate causal gene but also downstream genes.