Toda Research Group|Department of Chemistry, Kumamoto University Analytical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry

Kumamoto University


Our university is in Kumamoto, located in west Japan, having great natures such as Mt. Aso (an active volcano, surrounded by the world largest caldera) and Ariake Sea having huge tidal flat. We develop novel and unique analytical methods and devices for investigation of local and global natural environment. We are doing unique researches on atmospheric chemistry, dynamics of natural compounds between atmosphere and hydrosphere, and novel water/air purifications, by using our original devices and the latest instrumental analyses. Also we are trying to develop simple medical diagnostic devices.

Research topics

Atmospheric chemistry
  • Dynamics of photochemical reactions
  • Effects of biological volatile organic compounds on atmospheric environment
  • Partitions of atmospheric volatile organic compounds between air and particles
  • Dynamics and flux of naturally produced compounds between water and atmosphere
  • Mobile analysis of urban pollutants and volcanic gases
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and nitrophenols in atmosphere
Water environment
  • Leaching of arsenic from contaminated sediments
  • Fast decomposition of organic pollutants by Fenton-like reactions using limonite material
  • Automated system for wastewater selenium monitoring
  • Portable systems for onsite measurements
Medical diagnostics devices
  • Breath analysis … NO, isoprene, NH3, H2S, CH3SH, CH3SCH3
  • Single blood analysis … iodide, thiocyanate, perchlorate, medicals, metabolites
Gas analysis devices
  • Micro gas analysis system for continuous monitoring of trace gases
  • Single column trapping/separation-chemiluminescence device for isoprene and sulfur gas analysis
  • Odor analysis devices
  • Highly sensitive and miniature detectors based on fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection
  • Measurement and control of microchannel liquid flow
  • Miniature standard gas generator for onsite calibration