Table of Contents: Volume 1


Hitosi Hiramatu;

On Affine Collineations in a Space of Hyperplanes,

pp.1-7 (pdf)

Yasuo Nasu;

Non Euclidean Geometry in Finsler Spaces,

pp.8-12 (pdf)

Mituo Inaba;

A Theorem on Fixed Points and its Applicaiton to the Theory of Differential Equations,

pp.13-16 (pdf)

Masanori Fukamiya;

On a Theorem of Gelfand and Neumark and the B*-Algebra,

pp.17-22 (pdf)

Keishiro Ohira;

On Some Characterizations of Abstract Euclidean Spaces by Properties of Orthogonality,

pp.23-26 (pdf)

Takeo Ohkubo;

Homogeneous Contact Transformations in a Generalized Space Kn,

pp.27-40 (pdf)


Yasuo Nasu;

On the Projectively Connected Spaces with Homogeneous Coordinates whose Groups of Holonomy Fix a Hyperquadric,

pp.1-7 (pdf)

Yasuo Nasu;

On Normal Coodinates in Projectively Connected Spaces with Homogeneous Coordinates,

pp.8-13 (pdf)

A Proof of Spectral Theorem,

pp.14-16 (pdf)


Takeo Ohkubo;

On Relations among Various Connections in Finslerian Space,

pp.1-6 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 2

Yasuo Nasu;

Remarks on Spaces with Non-Positive Curvature,

pp.1-10 (pdf)

Yasuo Nasu;

On the Normality in Minkowskian Spaces,

pp.11-17 (pdf)

Mituo Inaba;

On Differential Equations in Locally Covex Spaces of Some Types,

pp.119-124 (pdf)

Keishiro Ohira;

Remarks on Duality in Linear Spaces ,

pp.125-128 (pdf)

Mituo Inaba;

Differential Equations in Coordinated Spaces,

pp.233-243< (pdf)

Kenzo Iizuka;

Note on Blocks of Group Characters ,

pp.309-321 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 3

Katsumasa Matsumoto;

A New Reduction of Singularity Criteria for the First Order Differential Equations,

pp.87-92 (pdf)

Akira Onuki;

The Application of Diffusion Equations,

pp.100-110 (pdf)

Mituo Inaba;

A Note on Coordinated Spaces,

pp.189-194 (pdf)

Takeo Ohkubo;

On a Completely Harmonic Space with an Almost Complex Structure,

pp.229-234 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 4

Kenzo Iizuka and Isamu Nakahara;

A Note on the Semiradical of a Semiring,

pp.1-3 (pdf)

Hitosi Hiramatu;

On n-dimensional Finslerian Manifolds Admitting Homotetic Transformation Groups of Dimension > n(n-1)/2+1 ,

pp.4-10 (pdf)

Yasuo Nasu;

Similarities and Transitive Abelian Groups of Motions in Finsler Spaces,

pp.103-110 (pdf)

Nagata Furukawa;

The Point Estimation of the Variance Components in Random Effect Model,

pp.111-133 (pdf)

Kenzo Iizuka;

On Osima's Blocks of Characters of Groups of Finite Order,

pp.275-283 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 5

Nagata Furukawa;

The Point Estimation of the Parameters in the Mixed Model,

pp.1-43 (pdf)

Kiyosi Yamaguti;

On the Cohomology Space of Lie Triple System,

pp.44-52 (pdf)

Kenzo Iizuka;

On the Blocks and the Sections of Finite Groups,

pp.53-62 (pdf)

Kiyosi Yamaguti;

On Representations of Jordan Algebras,

pp.103-110 (pdf)

Kenzo Iizuka;

Some Studies on the Orthogonality Relations for Group Characters,

pp.111-118 (pdf)

Mituo Inaba;

On the Theory of Differential Equations in Coodinated Spaces,

pp.119-136 (pdf)

Yukio Komura;

On Linear Topological Spaces,

pp.148-157 (pdf)

Nagata Furukawa;

The Inference Theory in Multivariate Random Effect Model (I),

pp.158-170 (pdf)

Kiyosi Yamaguti;

On Representations of Jordan Triple Systems,

pp.171-184 (pdf)

Yukio Komura and Isamu Nakahara;

A Note on Representations of Algebras as Subalgebras of C(X) for X Compact,

pp.185-187 (pdf)

Kiyosi Yamaguti;

Note on Malcev Algebras,

pp.203-207 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 6

Masahiko Sugimura;

On a Modification of Scheffé's and Ura's Analysis for Paired Comparisons,

pp.1-8 (pdf)

Kiyosi Yamaguti;

On the Theory of Malcev Algebras,

pp.9-45 (pdf)

Mituo Inaba;


pp.48-50 (pdf)

Masanori Kodama;

A Problem on a Reliability of the System with Redundancy (I),

pp.51-68 (pdf)

Masanori Kodama;

On the Reliability Theory of the System with Group Redundancy,

pp.105-129 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

On Some Kind of Set-valued Transformation,

pp.130-134 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 7

K. Kitajima;

On Weak Compactness and Reflexivity of Separable Banach Spaces,

pp.1-3 (pdf)

Masanori Kozaki and Takeo Ohkubo;

On Infinitesimal Transformations of Certain Almost-Tachibana Space ,

pp.21-27 (pdf)

Masanori Kodama;

A Delivery-Lag Inventory Control Process with Emergency and Non-stationary Stochastic Demands II,

pp.43-72 (pdf)

W. G. Lister;

On Variants of Lie Triple Systems and Their Lie Algebras,

pp.73-83 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

Invariant Subdomains of the Riemann Sphere,

pp.85-86 (pdf)

Masahiko Sugimura;

Optimum Designs for Selecting One of Two Medical Treatments, Fixed Sample Size Plan 2,

pp.87-94 (pdf)

Masahiko Sugimura and Chooichiro Asano;

Optimum Desings for Selecting One of Two Medical Treatments, Fixed Sample Size Plan 3,

pp.95-102 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 8

Masanori Kodama;

The Optimality of (S,s) Policies in the Dynamic Inventory Problem with Emergency and Non-stationary Stochastic Demands,

pp.1-10 (pdf)

Masahiko Sugimura;

Optimum Designs for Selecting One of Two Treatments, Sequencial Plan 2,

pp.11-19 (pdf)

Masahiko Sugimura and Chooichiro Asano;

Optimum Designs for Selecting One of Two Treatments, Fixed Sample Size Plan 6 and Sequencial Plan 3,

pp.21-57 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

On Homogeneous Complex Manifolds,

pp.59-62 (pdf)

Masahiko Sugimura;

Optimum Designs for Selecting One of Two Treatments, General Considerations,

pp.63-83 (pdf)

Masanori Kodama;

Optimal Policies for Dynamic Inventory Processes with Random Delivery-Lag and Non-Stationary Stochastic Demands,

pp.84-105 (pdf)

Kiyoshi Yamaguti;

On Weak Representations of Lie Triple Systems,

pp.107-114 (pdf)

Minoru Kanazawa;

On Doubly Transitive Permutation Groups of Degree Eight,

pp.115-118 (pdf)

Megumi Saigo;

On the Finite Difference Approximation to the Generalized Solution of the Fichera Problem ,

pp.119-128 (pdf)

Yukio Nomachi;

A Closed Sequential Procedure Selecting the Population with Minimum Variance from Several Normal Populations,

pp.129-134 (pdf)

Kiyoshi Yamaguti;

On Cohomology Groups of General Lie Triple Systems,

pp.135-146 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 9

Akio Ogata;

On Bounded Solutions for Elliptic Equations with Coefficients Singular at the Boudary in an Unbounded Domain,

pp.1-9 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

Convergence of Finite Element Solutions Represented by a Non-Conforming Basis,

pp.11-20 (pdf)

Toshio Takahashi;

A Note on Kählerian Hypersurfaces of Spaces of Constant Curvature,

pp.21-24 (pdf)

Kenzo Iizuka and Yoshihiko Ito;

A Note on Blocks and Defect Groups of a Finite Group,

pp.25-32 (pdf)

Sunao Yamamoto;

On the Rank of the p-Divisor Class Group of Galois Extensions of Algebraic Number Fields,

pp.33-40 (pdf)

Megumi Saigo;

On the Solutions of the Modified Frankl's Problem,

pp.41-54 (pdf)

Kenzo Iizuka and Atumi Watanabe;

On the Number of Blocks of Irreducible Characters of a Finite Group with a Given Defect Group,

pp.55-61 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

Two-fold Assigning Families of Holomorphic Mappings,

pp.63-73 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

On Equicontinuous Families of Holomorphic Functions,

pp.75-86 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

A Finite Element Method for the Solutions of Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations,

pp.87-116 (pdf)

Teruo Iwatani;

On a S. S. Chern, M. do Carmo, S. Kobayashi Theorem,

pp.117-121 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 10

Minoru Kanazawa;

On a Class of P-Groups,

pp.1-24 (pdf)

Toshio Takahashi;

On Hypersurfaces of Even Dimensional Contact Riemannian Manifolds,

pp.25-33 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

Finite Element Method of Mixed Type and its Convergence in Linear Shell Problems,

pp.35-58 (pdf)

Toshio Takahashi;

Dimesional K-contact Riemannian Manifolds Isometrically Immersed in a Space of Constant Curvature,

pp.59-65 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

Correction to : A finite Element Method for the Solutions of Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations, Kumamoto J.Sci. (Math.),vol.9 No.2 (1973) 87-- 116,

pp.66 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 11

T.S. Ravisankar;

Some Remarks on Lie Triple Systems,

pp.1-8 (pdf)

Atumi Watanabe;

A Note on the Orthogonality Relations for Group Characters,

pp.9-14 (pdf)

Masanori Kôzaki;

On Manifolds with Many Geodesic Loops,

pp.15-20 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 12

Nobunori Ikebe and Yukio Harada;

On the Existence of Lipschitz Continuations Weak Solutions of the Dirichlet Problem for Some Quasi-Linear Degenerate Elliptic Equations,

pp.1-13 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

On the Continuity of Entire Functions,

pp.14-16 (pdf)

Hiromitsu Okazaki;

An Application of Fuhrken's Reduction Technique,

pp.17-22 (pdf)

Atumi Watanabe;

A Remark on the Induction Theorem for Modular Characters,

pp.23-27 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

Lumped Mass Approximation to the Nonlinear Bending of Elastic Plates,

pp.29-44 (pdf)

Toshiyuki Maebashi;

A Homotopy Classification in Scheme Theory,

pp.45-51 (pdf)

Toshio Takahashi;

On the Rank of a Certain Curvature Tensor of a Sasakian Manifold,

pp.52-55 (pdf)

Toshiyuki Maebashi;

On Line Geometry,

pp.56-61 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 13

J. P. Holmes and A. A. Sagle;

Problem in H-Spaces and Nonassociative Algebras,

pp.1-5 (pdf)

Yukio Tsushima;

On the Second Reduction Theorem of P. Fong,

pp.6-14 (pdf)

Toshio Takahashi;

f-Symmetric Spaces,

pp.15-23 (pdf)

Akira Endô

Fundamental Units of Certain Cubic Number Fields with Negative Discriminants,

pp.24-36 (pdf)

Seiko Ohgai;

A Note on Envelopes of Holomorphy,

pp.37-42 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi and Makoto Araki;

Remark on the Unconditional Stability of a Finite Element Scheme for Nonlinear Plate Problems,

pp.43-47 (pdf)

Atumi Watanabe;

On Fong's Reductions,

pp.48-54 (pdf)

Toshiyuki Maebashi and Sadahiro Maeda;

Real Submanifolds of Constant Mean Curvature in Complex Projective Space,

pp.55-62 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 14

J. P. Lee;

Isotopy Groups of 2-Sphere with Boundary Holes,

pp.1-8 (pdf)

Yoichi Oshima;

A Relation Between an Asymptotic Probability and the Maximal Eigenvalue of a Recurrent Potential Kernel,

pp.9-17 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

On Existence Proof in Plasticity Theory,

pp.18-33 (pdf)

Ryoji Tamura;

A Test of Wilcoxon Type for Homogeneity of Marginal Distributions Against Ordered Alternatives,

pp.34-41 (pdf)

Yukimasa Oka;

Joint Action and Types of Tensor Products of Von Neumann Algebras,

pp.42-63 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

On the Nebenhulle of Bounded Domains,

pp.64-75 (pdf)

Shawich Sato;

Pseudodistance Defined by a Set of Holomorphic Functions and n-Convex Domains,

pp.76-80 (pdf)

Hiromitsu Okazaki;

Some Remarks on Godel Memorandum for tje Cardinality of the Continuum,

pp.81-84 (pdf)

Takeshi Sasaki;

Picard-Vessiot Group of Appell's System of Hypergeometric Differential Equations and Infiniteness of Monodromy Group,

pp.85-100 (pdf)

Tadayoshi Kanemaru.;

An Invariant Form on a Complex Manifold,

pp.101-105 (pdf)

Yoshitaka Yokoi;

Remark on Mesurability for Flows,

pp.107-113 (pdf)

Takeshi Sasaki;

Classification of Left Invariant Complex Structures on GL(2,R) and U(2),

pp.115-123 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 15

Isao Hashimoto;

On an Essentially Complete Class of the Estimators Under Certain Restrictions on Parameters,

pp.1-5 (pdf)

Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

A Note on the Classical Solutions of Semi-Discrete Quasi-Static Plasticity Problems,

pp.7-10 (pdf)

Tohru Tohyama, Makoto Araki and Tetsuhiko Miyoshi;

Existence, Stability and Convergence in a Heat Control Problem,

pp.11-32 (pdf)

Atumi Watanabe;

p-Blocks and p-Regular Classes in a Finite Group ,

pp.33-38 (pdf)

Tadayoshi Kanemaru;

Bergman Representative Domains,

pp.39-45 (pdf)

Seiko Ohgai;

On the Relative Hyperbolicity of Complex Analytic Spaces,

pp.47-58 (pdf)

Takeshi Sasaki;

Classification of Invariant Complex Structures on SL(3,R),

pp.59-72 (pdf)

D. J. Sprows;

Isotopy Groups of Bounded 2-Manifolds,

pp.73-77 (pdf)

Yoshikazu Takada;

Invariant Prediction Regions of Future Observations,

pp.79-89 (pdf)

Kiyoshi Yoshida and Kazuo Kishimoto;

Effect of Two Time Delays on Partially Functional Differential Equations,

pp.91-109 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 16

Kiyoshi Yoshida;

Stability of Spatio-Temporal Oscillations of Diffusive Lotka-Volterra System,

pp.1-13 (pdf)

Yoshikazu Takada;

Optimally of Non-Sequential Estimation Rule of the Exponential Mean Life in a Life Test,

pp.15-22 (pdf)

Takeshi Sasaki;

On Affine Isoperimetric Inequality for a Strongly Convex Closed Hypersurface in the Unimodular Affine Space An+1,

pp.23-38 (pdf)

Kazuo Suzuki;

On the Automorphisms of Chevalley Groups over p-Adic Integer Rings,

pp.39-47 (pdf)

Atumi Watanabe;

Some Studies on p-Blocks with Abelian Defect Groups,

pp.49-67 (pdf)

Yukimasa Oka;

On a Compact Abelian Group Extension of a W*-Dynamics,

pp.69-75 (pdf)

Yoshikazu Takada;

Some Comments on the Invariant Sequential Decision Problem,

pp.77-87 (pdf)

Akira Ikeda;

Isometry Group of a Compact Riemannian Manifold with Simple Spectrum,

pp.89-92 (pdf)

Shin-ichi Ohwaki;

Eigenfunctions of the 3-Dimensional Laplacian Displayed by Computer Graphics,

pp.93-120 (pdf)

Table of Contents: Volume 17

D. J. Sprows;

Isotopy Groups of Circle-Bounded Manifolds,

pp.1-4 (pdf)

Isao Hashimoto;

A Characterization of Autoregressive Processes by the Distribution with Maximum Entropy,

pp.5-8 (pdf)

Mikio Furushima;

Complex Surfaces Properly Dominated by C2,

pp.9-25 (pdf)

Mitsuhiko Kohno and Tetsuya Suzuki;

Reduction of Single Fuchsian Differential Equations to Hypergeometric Systems,

pp.27-74 (pdf)

Yoshikazu Takada;

Bayes Invariant Predictor,

pp.75-81 (pdf)