Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, KUMAMOTO UNIVERSITY


Faculty and Staff

Position Name(Family,First) Research Interests Supplement
Professor Chigira, Naoki Finite Group Theory
Professor Haraoka, Yoshishige Theory of Differential Equations, Special Function Theory Mathematical Science Education Center, Vice-Director
Professor Kaise, Hidehiro Stochastic Control,Deterministic Control
Professor Misawa, Masashi Partial Differential Equations
Professor Sumi, Naoya Dynamical System, Ergodic Theory
Associate Professor Abe, Takeshi Algebraic Geometry
Associate Professor Ando, Naoya Differential Geometry, Theory of Surfaces
Associate Professor Fujita, Naoki Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Associate Professor Kawasetsu, Kazuya Representation Theory
Associate Professor Kitabeppu, Yu Riemannian Geometry
Associate Professor Sugisaki, Fumiaki Ergodic Theory, Dynamical System
Library Manager Motoki, Teiko

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science
Kumamoto University
Kumamoto 860-8555, Japan