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The Kumamoto International Symposium on Recent Advancements of Mineralogy and Petrology II

Monday, January 12

9:00 17:05 The Kumamoto International Symposium on Recent Advancement of Mineralogy and Petrology II

The 100th Anniversary Hall


Organized by: Kumamoto University

Chairpersons: Akira Yoshiasa, Masaru Aniya, Fuyuki Shimojo, Hidetoshi Shibuya, Hiroshi Isobe and Tadao Nishiyama


9:00 - 9:10 Opening Remarks by Tadao Nishiyama (Kumamoto University Vice-president) and Akira Yoshiasa (Graduate School of Science, Vice dean)

Session-1 (Chaired by Hidetoshi Shibuya)

9:10 - 9:40 (30 minutes)

Prof. T. Nishiyama (Kumamoto Univ)
Diffusion-controlled melting in the granitic systems at 800 - 900 oC and 100 - 200 MPa : temperature and pressure dependence of the minimum diffusivity in the granitic melts.

9:40 - 10:10 (30 minutes)

Dr. T. Yuguchi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
The mechanism of myrmekite formation deduced from steady-diffusion modeling based on petrography: Case study of the Okueyama granitic body, Kyushu, Japan.

10:10 - 10:40 (30 minutes)

Prof. Chang-Hwa Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

gJuvenile volcanic ash deposits in the Taipei basin: imply to eruption and geological hazard of the Tatun volcanic zoneh

10:40 -10:55 Coffee break

Session-2 (Chaired by Tadao Nishiyama)

10:55 - 11:45 (50 minutes)

Prof. Der-Chuen Lee (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

" Hf-W chronometry and the early evolution of planetary bodies"

11:45 -13:00 Lunch Time

Session-3 (Chaired by Hiroshi Isobe)

13:00 -13:50 (50 minutes)

Prof. Graciano Yumul Jr. (Univ. of Phillipine at Dilliman)

"Silicic arc volcanism in an oceanic island arc setting".

13:50 -14:20 (30 minutes)

Dr. M. Fukuyama (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
The age of serpentinization by the SHRIMP dating of zircon from the rodingite vein and zoisitite in serpentinite of the Nagasaki metamorphic rocks

14:20 -14:50 (30 minutes)

Dr. Y. Mori (Kita-Kyusyu Museum)

gProtolith of jadeitite from the Nishisonogi metamorphic rocks, Kyushu, Japan: Insights from relict zirconh

14:50 -15:05

Coffee Break

15:05 -15:45 (40 minutes)

Dr. Tatsuhiko Kawamoto (Kyoto Univ.)

gLook at mixing and unmixing between magmas and aqueous fluidsh

15:45 -16:15 (30 minutes )

Dr. Masaya Miyoshi (Kumamoto Univ.)

gSpatial and temporal changes of geochemical and petrological characteristics of volcanic rocks from Kyushu, SW-Japanh

Session-4 (Chaired by Toshifumi Komatsu)

16:15 -17 : 05 (50 minutes)

Prof. Nguyen Xuan Khien (Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

gOutlines on Geology and Mineral Resources in Vietnamh

18:30 -20:30 Banquet (Hotel KKR Kumamoto, near Kumamoto Castle)