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May, 1949
The Faculty of Science (department of mathematics, physics, chemistry, geoscience, biology) has been newly established.
March, 1954
The chemistry department building at the Faculty of Science was constructed.
April, 1954
A marine lab attached to the faculty of science was established.
April, 1955
The field work ship, "Maeshima" was constructed.
July, 1955
The Science department was established.
March, 1960
Research building No.1 was constructed.
April, 1966
Master department of graduate school of science and technology was established.
April, 1966
Biology department was re-organized.
October, 1966
Emperor and Empress of Japan visited the marine lab.
February, 1968
Field work ship, 'Dolphin" was commissioned. Research building No.2 was constructed.
December, 1968
Research building No.2 was constructed.
May, 1969
Biology department was established.
May, 1969
Biology department was re-organized.
February, 1972
Marine lab research building was constructed.
April, 1976
Biology course expanded.
March, 1977
Research building No.3 was constructed.
April, 1980
Expansion of Mathematics course.
March, 1984
Internally shared ultra low temperature device room was opened.
April, 1988
Doctoral department of the graduate school of science and technology was established.
March, 1989
Field work ship, "Dolphin II" was commissioned.
April, 1990
Biology department was renamed as Biological science.
April, 1991
Expansion of the Biological science course.
April, 1993
Geoscience department was re-organized with an expanded course.
September, 1993
Research building No.4 was constructed.
June, 1996
Research and practical marine training lab was constructed.
April, 1997
Environmental science department was established.
April, 1997
Mathematics department re-named as Mathematical science. Physics department re-named Physical science department. Chemistry department re-named Material science department.
April, 1999
Ultra low temperature device room reassigned to Shock Wave and Condensed Matter Research Center.
May, 1999
Graduate School of Science and Technology and Faculty of Science shared research laboratory was constructed.
April, 2001
Marine lab reassigned to the Center for Marine Environment Studies.
April, 2004
Six departments condensed into single Science department.
April, 2006
Faculty staff transferred to the Graduate School of Science and Technology.