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Message from the Dean

Dean Tokio Tani

Let’s enjoy solving the mysteries of the principles of nature together!

Tokio Tani, Professor
Dean, Faculty of Science, Kumamoto University

Science is a study on “elucidation of the principles of nature”. It is education that fosters ability to be able to discover principles and laws hidden in the natural world such as life, material and universe, and active thinking that induces one to become curious about various phenomenon, leading to a question of “why”. These two learnings are what defines the characteristic of Faculty of Science education. These two learnings have also been serving as the basic principles of Faculty of Science, Kumamoto University since its establishment in 1949, when old fifth high school was the governing body of the department at that time. Many working adults who graduated from the Faculty of Science have acquired the perspective of “questioning the laws of nature (principles)”. Since this perspective sometimes generate unique ideas, many of them are having a success in their respective work environment. The same applies in the research also, since breakthrough in science is made by basic scientific research that allows for applicative outcome instead of focusing on clear single conclusion from initial phase, thus leading to unprecedented applied research that can benefit society.

In Faculty of Science, we introduced our own educational system called “Educational Program System According to Single Course, Department of Science, Faculty of Science” from 2004.After the admission, students will learn all courses such as mathematics and science (physics, chemistry, biology, earth science) during first 2 years, and will advance to third year by selecting course of their choice upon advancement from 5 courses entailing mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth and environment sciences, and biology. In the fourth year, students will conduct graduation research by taking on the challenge of solving the mysteries of “the principles of nature”. As you can see, Faculty of Science graduates will first learn a wide range of mathematics and science, and after they laid the foundation of science, they will deeply learn about specialized subject of each field. As a result, they will be welcomed by a wide range of various enterprises as talent equipped with logical thinking ability, who can respond to various problems and creation of new knowledge. We also established Global Leader Course in 2017, to foster talent who can succeed as leader equipped with scientific thinking ability in a rapidly globalized modern society.

To ensure students will lead 4 years of fulfilling campus life and achieve significant growth at Faculty of Science, Kumamoto University, we (entire faculty) will do all we can to provide students with the support they need. So, join us at Faculty of Science, as we enjoy solving the great mysteries of the laws of nature (principles) that leads to a bright future!