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Program for Mathematical Sciences
A Fantastic Tapestry Pattern Constructed by Quadratic Polynomial
Fractal Figures
Mathematics has attracted many people since ancient Greece because of its orderly and logical beauty. The quest for mathematical logical system is still a strong research motivation for mathematicians. And also mathematics is used as a language to describe science. Especially, mathematics is the principle method to proceed with research in difficult fields where experiments cannot be used to prove things, such as Big Bang theory. Mathematical science is the academic field including mathematics and the field uses mathematics as its research method. Recently, it has often happened that mathematics itself is researched through the relationship with various other mathematical science fields. In particular, ideas from the field of physics have had a strong influence on mathematical science, a theoretical physicist won Fields prize which is called Nobel Prize for mathematical field. Thus mathematics is a part of mathematical science.
This program fosters mathematical ways of thinking and ability to approach mathematics and mathematical science fields dynamically through acquisition of the basic knowledge of mathematics and algebra, geometry, analysis and mathematical physics etc.
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