Course for Mathematical Sciences

Staff Name Position Subject of Research E-Mail(+ kumamoto-
Mikio Furusima Professor Algebraic geometry and complex analysis wagami@sci.
Hironobu Kimura Professor Integrable systems and hypergeometric functions hiro@sci.
Yoshishige Haraoka Professor Differential equations and special functions haraoka@
Yuji Hamana Professor Theory of probability and stochastic process hamana@
Masashi Misawa Professor Partial differential equations misawa@sci.
Naoya Sumi Professor Dynamical systems and ergodic theory sumi@sci.
Hirofumi Yamada Professor Representation Theory yamada@sci.
Naoki Chigira Associate Professor Theory of finite groups chigira@
Hiro-aki Narita Associate Professor Number theory and automorphic forms narita@sci.
Naoya Ando Associate Professor Differential geometry of surfaces ando@sci.
Takeshi Abe Associate Professor Algebraic geometry and moduli space abeken@sci.
Fumiaki Sugisaki Associate Professor ergodic theory and dynamical system sugisaki@sci.
Hisao Inoue Associate Professor Differential geometry hisinoue@
Yu Kitabeppu Associate Professor Riemannian geometry, metric space geometry and analysis ybeppu@