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2023.05.09: Manuscript "A mechanical theory of competition between plant root growth and soil pressure reveals a potential mechanism of root penetration" by Yuki Yoshida is published in Scientific Reports.

2023.05.01: Technical staff Haruka Nagamoto is joining the Sawa Laboratory. Welcome!

2023.04.26: Manuscript "Root-knot nematode modulates plant CLE3-CLV1 signaling as a long-distance signal for successful infection" by Satoru Nakagami has been accepted by Science Advance.

2023.04.14: Manuscript "PECT1, a rate-limiting enzyme in phosphatidylethanolamine biosynthesis, is involved in the regulation of stomatal movement in Arabidopsis" in collabortion with Prof. Juntaro Negi (Kyushu University) is published in Plant Journal.

Photo credits: Reira Suzuki, Allen Yi-Lun Tsai